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Are you looking for live coral for sale? If so, get in contact with Ian’s Coral Reef. A passionate hobbyist for many years, I have raised many different types of aquacultured coral and now want to share my vocation with you. Along with phytoplankton and other coral foods, I supply many different types of coral – from soft coral to LPS coral to SPS coral. Just confirm your order over e-mail – Then once a agreed date has been made all corals are shipped within a waterproof plastic container or doubled bagged, they are then placed within a food standard insulated Poly box and in most cases will be accompanied via a 24-hour heat pack.  .

To learn more about my live coral for sale, check out my YouTube channel, where you can see my full aquacultured corals collection – including Acropora coral, Euphyllia coral, Montipora coral, and more.






About Ian’s Coral Reef

A few years ago, I purchased a second-hand FOWLR (fish only with live rock) tank, initially raising seahourses. With a 45cm, two 90cm and one 180cm tank, many seahorses were successfully reared, with around 200 young being produced every fortnight. This culminated in me taking up coral care, and I haven’t looked back since. There is something special about how live rocks, over time, change their colour, look and texture under the right conditions.

Ensuring that the corals and fish have the best possible quality of life is my greatest concern. Along with soft coral, LPS coral and SPS coral, I have worked with many different corals, from Acropora coral to Euphyllia coral to Montipora. The activity within each tank, the vibrant colours of the fish and coral selection, is a sight to behold. If you are looking for live coral for sale and want to make sure that you do it right, get in touch with Ian’s Coral Reef.



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Perhaps you are interested in learning about aquacultured corals but have no idea where to start. In that case, head over to my YouTube channel, where I take you through several aspects of coral care and maintenance. Videos entail subjects such as how to deal with excess algae, my coral feeding schedule, adding fresh water to tanks, and much more. The goal of the channel is to take viewers into the world of an aquacultured corals enthusiast.



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Want to try looking after corals yourself? If so, shop now at Ian’s Coral Reef to buy my coral frags and live coral for sale. Though I'm based in Brighton I ship corals UK wide.


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