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Beautiful aquacultured corals

Welcome to Ian’s Coral Reef. Having developed a strong passion for aquacultured corals, I now offer my very own live coral for sale along with phytoplankton and coral foods I grow. Looking after corals is an extremely relaxing, rewarding experience, and I am here to provide all the resources you need. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, I have something that will suit you. Along with supplying soft coral, LPS coral and SPS coral, I will deliver aquacultured corals to your home, maintaining their perfect condition with heat packs if necessary and giving detailed advice on aftercare through my YouTube Channel, Facebook & Instagram accounts (ian's coral reef) .

Get in touch if you are looking for live coral for sale and visit my YouTube page to find out more about properly maintaining Acropora coral, Euphyllia coral, and much more.



About corals

Many people don’t know that coral reefs are more responsible for replenishing the earth’s oxygen levels than rainforests. While oceans are sadly becoming a less healthy place, you can create the perfect environment for these fascinating living, breathing, ever-evolving specimens by maintaining a consistent coral care plan in your own home. It is an extremely rewarding feeling.

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Live coral for sale

Soft corals for sale. selling live coral frags and coral care products. Ian's coral reef

Soft coral

Considered easier to care for, and less demanding for beginners.

LPS corals for sale. selling live coral frags and coral care products. Ian's coral reef

LPS coral

Require more maintenance, good for intermediate level.

SPS corals for sale. selling live coral frags and coral care products. Ian's coral reef

SPS coral

Require advanced maintenance, such as high-grade grow lights.




Important info about orders

No deliveries will be automatically sent without prior contact with you via email.

Coral care

You must ensure that your corals receive proper lighting, the correct type of feeding and balance of elements, and a cleaning schedule that keeps its environment in optimum condition. Find out more about how I keep my my living coral reef on my YouTube Channel.

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A bit about me

Looking after coral is my passion. After moving into my first flat, I discovered that I was a natural when it came to coral care and fell in love with the hobby. Having supplied aquacultured corals to my local pet shop, (Paraquatics) I now offer live coral for sale to the general public, whilst supporting my customers throughout the process. This is not a job for me; I merely love doing it. My goal is to spread my passion for coral with the people of Brighton, Hove and the UK.

Ian's coral reef aquaculturist. Coral for sale in Brighton and across the UK.


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